Quality Policy


  • Starting & end point of patient path
  • Receive patient sample
  • Communication centre
  • Dumbwaiter lift for movement of blood bags & samples behind reception (G+3) open in lab environment

Blood and Component Collection

  • Single needle system
  • 6-7 cycles. One cycle of 10 min.
  • After separation of platlet remaining RBC & Plasma send back to human body
  • Platlet count increase by min. 50000 platlets.
  • Sterilization by UV lamp

Untested component Storage

  • Untested components storage
    • 1.RBC / PCV
    • 2.Platlet
    • 3.Snap freezing of FFP

Tested Component Storage

  • Untested components storage
    1. RBC / PCV
    2. Platlet
    3. FFP


  • Testing of collected blood by 4th generation Elisa KIts
    1. HIV
    2. HBSag
    3. HCV
    4. Maleria
    5. VDRL

Serology Lab

  • CMS system for proper cold chain maintain integrated with computer.
  • Cross matching of blood
  • Patient blood crossmatch with donor blood

Component Preparation Lab

Separation of whole blood into component within period of 6 hrs. from collection

3 refrigerated centrifuge for spinning

1 laminar air flow with 3 plasma expresser & 2 weighing balance for separation

2 plasma thawing bath to liquefied plasma

1 cryoba to separate cryo from plasma

QC Room & Fumigator

  • QC of Blood (1% of total collection)
  • QC of environment by culture
  • Fumigation once in month for bacteria free environment

Blood Collection Van

  • Raktarohini for blood collection through camps
  • For motivational programmes













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